Thursday, November 04, 2004

Keening in Heartbreak

I Love Reading This Guy's Blog.

I was up until 1:30AM on Halloween night, talking with a loved one one who was determined to vote for Bush. No screaming, not crying, just talking. I realize now that I was actually trying to change his mind. Talking about how he claims to care about tolerance and civil rights and the fact that I have so many wonderful gay friends who deserve to be married more than I ever did, and factories closing all over the midwest, and the Christian hate-mongering Agenda of Bigotry, and the fact that someone he loves might be dead today if abortions weren't legal and how can you POSSIBLY vote this administration back in if you care about life and freedom in THIS country?

THIS country. MY country. OUR country. I know about those other countries across the ocean who desperately need our help, but I'm not willing to sacrifice MY country in the process! Does that make me selfish? The UNITED STATES with it's population of people who I love, who he loves. THIS COUNTRY. Where Women, ethnic minorities, and GBLT are supposed to be as entitled to their pursuit of happiness as Sam Walton was. Where generations of people have fought and died right here within our own borders working to guarantee and preserve those rights. Rights that we call other countries "uncivilized" for not supporting. Rights that many Bush supporters want to REVOKE. THIS country, where I wanted to raise kids. I am having a very hard time being comfortable with that idea right now.

Yes, I'm over-reacting. Or am I?

Next Thursday, under the New Moon, I want to sit and pray with Barack Obama, the Reverend Barry Lynn, Starhawk, and my Mom. (Yes, Anelle, I PRAY.) All y'all can come.


Eric said...

You're not overreacting. The religious wrong has so much power, it's scary. Literally, scary. They picked up this issue of gay marriage and ran with it. I support gay marriage. But with all due respect to members of the gay community who want to get married, there are many other pressing issues, with life or death consequences; the senseless war in Iraq; record numbers of children and adults living in poverty; tax structures that favor the very wealthy. There is nothing Christian about supporting a president who is on the wrong side of these issues, but the Democrats have never been able to frame the issues this way, and I suppose fundamentalists are not willing to budge on issues like guns, gays, God, and abortion. This last point makes me wonder how possible it will ever be to elect at least a quasi-progressive candidate.

Amanda said...

I'ld love to be there with bells on.

MzOuiser said...

Thanks you two, for your simple support.

I'm just not ready to join the brigades of democrats and liberals that are being all inspirational and forward-thinking and all that "mature," "productive," "emotionally healthy" stuff. I just hurt too badly right now.

I appreciate that you two seem to appreciate that as well.