Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

As of last Friday, I'm 27 weeks along. It's a girl!

I have edema, which is causing carpal tunnel. My left arm just tingles all the time. My right wrist HURTS. I also have been insomniac for some time now, and recently have had a significant loss of appetite. I'm still working at the pub, 6-hour shifts on Mondays and Fridays. When I get home from work, I can barely walk. My heating pad and my chiropractor have become my new best friends.

On my last visit to the midwife, after discussing my discomfort, and how much sleep I've lost, she basically lowered the boom. I have to start walking, 45 minutes every day, at a brisk pace, getting my heart rate up and my breathing heavy enough to limit conversation.

I'm totally fine with this.

The truth is, all my symptoms are normal. The baby is doing great. It's just me that's miserable, and I don't really HAVE to feel quite this bad. If I can get myself healthier, it will result in an easier labor, delivery and post-partum experience, so I'm very motivated to suck it up and do what I have to do. 45 minutes on the treadmill is something I'd enjoy anyway! So no sweat. I went for my first walk today.

Got my heart rate up to about 148, did the full 45 minutes (with one 5-miniute break to pee), and burned around 160-170 calories. I'm tired, and my body definitely feels somewhat worn out, but I feel good. Energized. Nothing is in pain. The carpal tunnel is still here, but hey, I'm typing right now! I took a good shower, and I'm getting ready to make some vegetable soup.

I could so easily just go back to bed right now, and maybe sleep. I might give in to that and have a short nap. Normally I'm afraid to nap, thinking it will keep me from sleeping at night, but since I'm not sleeping at night anyway...

I miss my Mom. She wants to be with me so badly right now, just to be part of the whole experience. I miss my girlfriends a lot too - wish I had someone to have lunch with, stroll around the mall, make hot cocoa, all that stuff. I still often feel very alone, even though I know my friends love me and are there for me in the best way they can be, given how far we live from everyone. I just crave immediate personal companionship. Frankly, I wanted that before I was pregnant too.

Slam is throwing me a shower, and I am looking forward to that. I just need a little party, a little friends, a little fun! I want to hear laughter.

I cannot wait to have this baby. I am so ready for this little girl. I just want to hold her.