Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For years, I felt I had plenty of time. I enjoyed my twenties in a leisurely fashion. I felt that it was unreasonable to think that anyone would take me seriously until I was over 30 anyway, so a lot of things I didn't even try very hard for. I remember talking to one of my therapists about how when you realize you're buried in elephant shit, at least you know where you are. It's a place to start.

Thanks to G and his mighty shovel, to so speak, I'm no longer where I was, and I've been trying for the last few years to figure out where I actually am, and where I'd like to be. It's just been so nice not being where I was, that I haven't wanted to leave that place of relaxed relief. So I've been letting things happen to me. Letting things blow in and out of my life. See what the Universe does if I just sort of lie here and submit. In a certain sense, I haven't aggressively pursued or chased after anything, and I haven't pressured myself to do so.

And yet... these last few years have felt like some of the most productive years of my life.

Hm... I didn't TRY to make things happen... they just sort of seemed to. Or maybe, the things that I did do just didn't SEEM like a lot of work, because I enjoyed them so much?

No... This is not quite right.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy is Boring

When Julia Duffy was being interviewed about starring on The Newhart Show, she was asked why she thought her character was so popular. She thought about it for a few minutes and said "She's a loser, really. People like losers."

Or was that Crystal Bernard, being interviewed about Wings? She said an almost identical quote.


My life is... pretty boring. G and I, married seven months, still glad we did it. I'm looking for our next apartment, and we should be moving into a two-bedroom next spring. I'm still temping at that great company in White Plains - it's been almost 13 months now - and am looking forward to either being hired there or to carrying this experience into a new, permanent job.


I've been seeing movies. Tropic Thunder is really one big in-joke, a bunch of actors skewering hollywood and "actors" who take themselves too seriously. Tom Cruise is the best surprise of the film. Watching his antics was worth the price of admission right there. I can't say it's a good film, but I get the joke, so I didn't feel like a complete idiot for blowing my 11 bucks on it.

Ghost Town is a sweet way to blow a couple of hours It's incredibly predictable, although Ricky Gervais is an odd choice for a romantic lead. His role would have gone to Mel Gibson a few years ago. Think "What Women Want" crossed with "The Medium" with a dash of "It's a Wonderful Life." I enjoyed it, but mostly because I'm a Greg Kinnear fan, and I just loves me some British humour.

I'm hoping to catch "The Duchess," which will probably show for three weeks and then close. I can't help but want to see "The Women." I KNOW it will be NOTHING like the brilliant character study that was the original, but I still will follow all the other mascara-primped lemmings into the theatre... Maybe I just like looking at Debra Messing's hair?

I made an incredible batch of cookies - Nicole, I can't thank you enough. Such fabulous decadence! And it makes a nice BIG batch.

See what I mean? You're texting right now, aren't you? R U Ther? Im SO BRD

My cat is healthy, my parents are fine, G and I are planning our annual winter drive out to the midwest to visit them and stop at his sister's in Kentucky along the way, Yada yada yada...

I went to the Big E last weekend, and had a very long day of pure fun. I consumed massive calories, petted farm animals, took pictures of prize-winning vegetables, hugged good friends, laughed my ass off. It was a great time, and for some reason, felt no compulsion to blog about it. I guess it was a transitory thing. It's over now, last weeks news.

Even this post seems... needless.

Have I said everything I had to say?

Friday, September 12, 2008

MzOuiser Got Her Loot!

The goodies
Originally uploaded by MzOuiser
How excited I was to get my package from Brian! The mighty 2008 Stampapalooza was something I could not be left out of!

I love old movies, and this one looks particularly frightful! I think I'm going to invite a bunch of people over for Halloween and force them to watch it with me! Hmm... Shall I dress as that girl on the cover? Or as Bela Lugosi? Or maybe as the Gorilla?

Check out Hope Notes. They brighten the world. Thanks Brian!

And I am SO Stepping out with my new Strawberry Shortcake wallet. It goes perfectly with my white leather coach bag!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

G-d Bless my Friends and Family

Just because I don't talk about it doesn't mean I've forgotten.

Commemorate this day by telling your loved ones how glad you are to have them in your lives. You don't have to do it on National Television. A simple phone call will do.

Defeat terror today.

Update: After I wrote this, I read this beautiful post.

And this beautiful essay.

And this wonderful article.

I believe in humanity.