Friday, September 12, 2008

MzOuiser Got Her Loot!

The goodies
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How excited I was to get my package from Brian! The mighty 2008 Stampapalooza was something I could not be left out of!

I love old movies, and this one looks particularly frightful! I think I'm going to invite a bunch of people over for Halloween and force them to watch it with me! Hmm... Shall I dress as that girl on the cover? Or as Bela Lugosi? Or maybe as the Gorilla?

Check out Hope Notes. They brighten the world. Thanks Brian!

And I am SO Stepping out with my new Strawberry Shortcake wallet. It goes perfectly with my white leather coach bag!

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Dr. Zoom said...

Oh dear. I have that movie. I've never watched it, but the mere fact we both now own it is disturbing.