Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So many people have sent this to me - I've received around 5 or six copies of this email from my very aware and very motivated friends. Please don't be offended if you are one of them... I am an internet nerd after all, and I look up everything I receive - even if it's from my dear old Dad.

However, while I'm a pretty strong advocate for grassroots activism, and while I am quite the tree-hugger, and I always support efforts to communicate with the controlling big businesses in this world, this particular email, while a good idea in theory, could in some ways actually worsen the problem... I found the analysis at the end of this article to be particularly insightful. (Click this post's Title)

I am thrilled, however, to know so many of my friends are conscious citizens who care about making a difference! Let's keep our eyes open, our dollars working for change, and our elected officials held responsible!

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Jess said...

If that really worked... well, you know we'd pay the price one way or another. They'd get us back through price hikes and/or what meager investments we have in our retirement accounts would get hurt.

One way or another, I feel like we're going to get the short end, while W's friends just get richer.

Conservation really is the key (says the SUV owner). Hybrid engines, alternative fuel sources (whatever happened to solar energy research?) and reduced dependence on fossil fuels is the only way to change things.