Thursday, December 22, 2005

Countdown goes on:

I'm just gonna keep updating it. 'Cause it's fun.

Things I have to do before my 7AM flight out of Newark Sunday morning:

1) Get my dress coat dry-cleaned. - DONE

2) Get to the post office. - DONE

3) Teeth - DONE

4) Transit Strike - OVER

5) Classes - DONE

6) Job interview - ROCKED IT. This was, I think, the best job interview I have ever had. Everything about this position, this company, and this project that I would be joining, not to mention the awesome team of people I met, is perfect for me. I was blown away, and I think they were too.

Now, I have to let this go. I'll hear what I hear, when I hear it.

7) Student clinic Friday night - DONE

8) Student Clinic Saturday morning. I AM SO fucking tired.

8.5) Shower, wash and dry hair, grab singing clothes, and head into the city.

9) Saturday afternoon, choir rehearsal at my church. Call is at 4PM.

10) Saturday evening, church service. The second wind should kick in about this time.

Certain things I want, in my early thirties, I know will pass away. Certain other things will stay with me forever. Certain people fulfill certain needs. I have a lot to think about.

Next week.


Jeff said...

Good luck. And don't forget to breathe, my dear.

Tuna Girl said...

Ah, I learned the hard way not to wonder about proposals. And I even found a ring. ;-)

And damn you. You run away from New York every time I plan on being there. *pout*

Judy said...

Have a great time and relax - it will get all done!

riye said...

happy holidays weez, it's all good!

Dr. Zoom said...

I can't wait to see yer purty teeth.

BTW ... it looks like we have a fourth for Tuesday.

Jess said...

Have a lovely holiday!

Zeitzeuge said...

Drying your hair on number 8.5 HAD to have taken you HOURS. Just sayin'. :) Hope you had a great Holiday.

Jase said...

Best of wish babe! And a Happy New Queer! hehehe!