Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quick Celebration

Back in 2003, when I moved out of my ex-husband's apartment for good, I realized I was in enough credit card debt that the interest was killing me. Between the debts David and I had incurred, and my moving expenses, I was in a pickle. After a good long frustrated cry, I got on the horn to my bank. I'd been their customer in one capacity or another for about ten years, and they practically salivated at the notion of getting some customer-initiated business. They approved me for a five year loan with a variable interest rate, not to exceed... etc etc.

Four years later, I have paid off that loan. $15,000 worth of debt. Gone. As of yesterday. Fifteen Thousand Dollars. It looks like more when I write it in words. In a year's less time than I was provided.

I want to shout it from the rooftops. This feels like one of the biggest accomplishments of my life so far.

Part of me hasn't quite realized it yet. Gimme a month, when I find myself with an extra $314.29 that I get to spend on something else. Better yet, gimme four months, after I've been shoving some of that cash into my student loan, doubling my monthly payments. My student loan really isn't much - I wonder how much this will shorten my repayment period?

BETTER YET. Gimme six months, after I've started funneling the rest of that cash into the Deidre's New Car Savings Plan.

I just want to cartwheel down the street!

The sweetest part of this is G. He has been anticipating this day as much as I have. He sees that debt as the last remaining vestiges of my first marriage, and all the unhealthy habits I fell into, living with Dimarc. I lost most of the weight I'd gained. I've gotten better jobs, more schooling, more healthcare... pretty much changed everything about my life I didn't like, and added a lot to it. This loan was the last reminder of how things used to be - the irresponsibility, the hiding, the bad habits, the borderline addictions, the layers of depression, futility and resignation.

And now it's gone. All of it. Now the good memories fill in all that space. Talk about cleaning out the closets - I've totally remodeled my inner space.

Party at my place!


Brian said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

Mike B. said...

Congratulations! I'm a few years away from that point myself, but it's looking good.

Marc said...

Congrats on that very special piece of housecleaning. You should feel very proud of yourself. So many would have claimed bankruptcy, ruined their credit, and sacrificed their reputation with potential employers in the name of a quick fix. You didn't choose that route, and it's very admirable: it says a lot about you. I applaud your decision and your seeing it through to completion! Hugs!

Jess said...

Congrats, and I second what that commenter Marc said. He seems really smart! ;)

Seriously, that's great! I remember when I got my credit cards paid off. I'd run up way too much debt after we got our apartment and then with the first house. I did basically what you did, and it felt so good to be done with it!

Honey said...

Hi, I came over here on a long trawl of blogs via Bobs and I just had to comment. That is such an amazing achievment, an inspriration. Congratulations!

Dr. Zoom said...

Good for you. Huzzah!

Tuna Girl said...

That's awesome and an inspiration. Go you!

Dantallion said...

You should be proud - in this day and age of excessive debt, bankruptcy, etc, you are a rarity. Congrats, sweetie.

Kayo Kid said...

Fantastico! Congratulations! I did the same thing many years ago, and the feeling of accomplishment and relief is indescribable.