Friday, June 25, 2004

And my Blog is Titled...

I have been planning to spend the afternoon of Friday, June 25th at the beach for about a month now. Fucking weather. Hopefully the day will be saved with a nice lunch with the boyfriend and then maybe a movie, which is nowhere near as sexy, but I need to calm down anyway.

Tomorrow I am going to drink beer, jump out from behind something and yell "Surprise", and then hopefully schlep down to Coney Island to see the Mermaids. Due to my fear of sun exposure, I will not be wearing pasties, but I can't wait to see his.

Sunday morning I shall go to church for our annual Gay Pride service (Yes, I go to the coolest church anywhere), then hopefully out to lunch with my pianist friend. Then I will listen to my opera (I SO don't feel like actually practicing for it) on the train back up to the boyfriend's hood. We will then spend the evening going over the details of our upcoming New England 4th of July vacation together, during which I will likely be introduced to his parents. The anxiety caused by this prospect will send me to the liquor cabinet.

At this point I'd like to have sex, but will more likely be surfing the internet in search of low-fat vegetarian recipes while darling falls asleep on the couch. Maybe in the morning.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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