Thursday, June 24, 2004

Can I be your friend?


I feel like a 12-year old that just met a really cool high school girl. I want to dress like her and read everything she's read.

From her blog (URL Above):

"This is how I often feel about terrorism, the war against terrorism and the war in Iraq. The casualties are people who were thinking about something else, eating ice-cream or walking their dogs. That's one of the reasons why I don't write about these events very much, except to plead that they be stopped. Though of course I know that I am an intended participant in these wars, and that the terrorists for example have definite designs on how I should live (barely, and totally invisibly), but nobody ever really asked my opinions on how any of this should be run and most of the time I feel like a rabbit in the middle of the road, frozen in the headlights of all those cars and not knowing where safety is."

I have been so angry and disillusioned and frustrated for so long. I don't talk politics because I have enough arguments with enough people in my life already. But I do read. Oh man, do I ever read.

Now I have a new morning read. :)

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