Saturday, August 14, 2004

Air... Air...

Wow. From the minute I got off the train from Work Friday afternoon - that would be my LAST DAY at work (yes I'm still high about it) - I haven't really had any time to myself.

My parents are here. My final Don Giovanni concert was Friday night, and the parents were there, and we all had to have desert after... and then Mom stayed with me the next two nights at my place while Dad went to a business conference... Then Dad came back, picked up me and Mom, and took us to Jersey City (ugh) to begin the arduous taks of cleaning out my Grandma's apartment. (God rest her soul).

I have been there ever since.

Today I have a break - the bf is picking me up for a nice luck with him and his Jewish Mother. Actually it's his Jewish friend's mother, but that family has practically adopted him, and his actual mother isn't really Jewish.

Never mind. I'm having lunch with friends.

Then tomorrow, hopefully I'll be "down the shore" with cousins for the day, hoping the hurricane is done for a short while.

The Monday it's right back to work packing moving boxes in Jersey City.

Oh - and of course, there's no computers in Jersey City. At least not that I have access to.

So... Maybe after a few weeks... I might be able to blog? Oh, and maybe look for a new job?

In the meantime, WSSSHHHhhhh-CHK! Pack that china! Lift that box!

I should have such the deep, insightful post about this... maybe next week.

Peace, all.

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