Friday, August 20, 2004


Suicide or Lynching?

From this brilliant blog, who read it here.

A commentor on his blog, who identifies himself only as RA, makes an interesting point:

"Reading this, I realize suddenly the ways that hate crimes, like lynching, function like terrorism. I thought "What if this fellow was murdered by only one other person, and it's not a lynching?" And then I realized, "Making this look like a lynching is a way to scare African Americans in this community into silence, and to scare away allies." Like acts of terror, hate crimes function to frighten innocent bystanders into inaction. "

My prayers to Mr. Carter's family, and to all who have been victims of senseless, violent, hateful crime. My prayers to the Spirit of Love that our society - our entire society - will continue to evolve beyond this.

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