Wednesday, September 22, 2004

While i'm away...

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Ta mo bhriste tri thine
Ta mo bhriste tri thine - 'My trousers are on fire.'

Well, duh.

I'm in Illinois, helping my parents integrate their inherited antique furniture into our little cape-cod family home. Right now, I'm back in my old bedroom. My cat is with me, looking up at the posters of Garfield, Doctor Who and some random ballerinas and kittens still thumbtacked to the slanted ceiling. I wonder how long it will take me and my Mom to start driving each other nuts. I wonder if, after two years, I remember how to work a car.

I'm here until October 3rd. I doubt I'll blog - though I'll have plenty of material. I'll try to read everyone else's blogs though.

So... time to put out the trousers and go to bed.


Zenchick said...

Have a wonderful time!
(I had a Garfield was put out of its misery years ago when my folks moved!)

Hot Toddy said...

I think it would be cool to have random ballerinas thumbtacked to my ceiling. Not kittens though.

Amanda said...

My pants are on fire, too. Did you figure out the best way to put them out?

Anonymous said...

Trousers to bed? Please tell me you wear boots too!
- Aaron

Wayne said...

It takes less than 5 minutes before my sister and my mom started to get nasty.


Until Oct. 3rd? Oh, you have plenty of time :)

PatCH said...

Ballerinas and kittens thumbtacked to your ceiling? Don't they smell when they start decomposing?

MzOuiser said...

My Friday-to-Sunday Life... providing unclear antecedent fun for the whole family!

palochi said...

Hot pants are obviously back in style!