Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oh Goddess, It's HERE...

A succession of short posts means that I'm filled with things to talk about and NO FUCKING TIME to write or make phone calls. (I owe at least one someone a reeeeally looooong chat!)

The airport Supershuttle comes for me at 3:30 AM. That's eight and a half hours from now. About a day's work time to:

clean the cat box
pour out 4 days worth of food and 6 days worth of water
trim Marge's claws so I don't come home to a shredded comforter
eat something for dinner
straighten up a bit
throw out anything unrecognizable from the fridge
change into comfortable plane clothes
bring my spare set of keys to my friend (who has graciously agreed to check in on Marge while I'm gone)
scrub that bathroom 'till it shines (I'll be coming home at 10pm Sunday and won't feel like cleaning then, but sure as hell will want a shower)

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get an hour's sleep. Not sure. But would be nice.

My plane leaves LaGuardia at 6:30 AM. Normally I would never fly (or be conscious) at such an obscene hour, but I didn't want to deal with delayed afternoon flights. And you know they will be delayed. And overbooked. But most people don't want to fly at 6:30 AM on Christmas Eve. So I figure the airport will be less hassle. At least, I hope.

And I'll be home snug with the family, falling asleep on the couch by 10AM. This is our first year without Grandma. Our first year without her in my entire life. We've decided to celebrate full-out, in the traditional style, as though she were here and cooking for us all. In my family, that means lasagne for Christmas dinner as an appetizer. After that comes the whole Turkey-and-stuffing feast with pies and all. Christmas Eve we're having a 4-course fish dinner.

I will be spiking the egg nogg.

I am so excited, my heart is bursting.

Everyone, have a peaceful, contemplative weekend, and find some time to party just a bit. Even if it's cold. The Winter Solstice is now passed - as of today, the days are officially getting longer. Celebrate the return of the SUN!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

- Ouiser


Jonathan said...

Merry Christmas, love.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day - 12:15 pm

I've been eating non-stop since I arrived in Jersey at 4:30pm yesterday. More food is being prepared now. I'm going back to the city this afternoon before I pop.

Anyway - Merry Christmas darlin'!

xoxox - Aaron