Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Second Take

Well, I am now enrolled in a new massage therapy school. This one will give me more than enough education and experience to pass the New York Licensing exam. It appears that a certain population of their student body is there for that reason. It will cost about twice as much, and take about 13 months to complete. I'm on board.

So here I go again, learning a new commute in and out of New Jersey. Today's first run wasn't completely awful. 287 to the Garden State to 4 East to 4 West (yes, you read that right) to a local road to the school. I think from now on I won't be going that way though. I hear the Palisades parkway is easier. *blink blink*

But I really don't care anymore. I get where I need to be.


I may have a new temp assignment - just for a week - at a super-cool company in Westchester!! Hopefully I'll be able to continue my hospital assignment afterward. But the week-long gig - even though it's only one week - ought to pay my regular rate, and right now I really need that cash. I just dropped $150 registration & Application fees, and have to start shelling out over $200 a month for school starting October. That's out-of-pocket - what the student loan doesn't cover. So even if it's just for a week, I really could use that cash. (fingers crossed)

My dad turned 65 yesterday, and I didn't even send him a card. With everything going on in my life, I plum fergot. The man deserves something good. I have some ideas.

My 34th birthday is in two weeks.


I'll get back to you on that.


Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't throw a screw in the works for ya'...

Saw a poster just today in the NYC subway for The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. They have a full Message Therapy program--the oldest school in the US (they boast).

'Course, it's in the City, so I don't know if that's gonna fly for you, much less make you wanna start all over again... again.

Anyway, FYI. :-)

MzOuiser said...

I specifically do NOT want to attend the Swedish Institute. It costs way too much, takes too long, and I am NOT buying any more monthly Metro-North passes.

So don't worry, I'm far from derailed.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, a little in advance! *hug*