Friday, November 18, 2005

How I Blew My Day Off


If you're gonna post a blog quiz AT LEAST get the HTML right.

Never mind. Suffice it to say, I blew most my day off by mindless internet surfing. However this evening shall be spent in the city with my old pal Jules, one of the my Chicago crew. Hopefully I won't freeze my ass off.

I am so exhausted, I can't stand it. I watched the last half of Titanic today because I was too tired to sleep. I have only seen Titanic once before - when it was first in the theatres, opening weekend at the huge moviehouse in Times Square. I saw it with my ex-husband, back when things were still pretty good between us. I remember how we were enthralled with that cheesy-assed film. We held each other and cried.

Christ. And he reads this blog too. Sorry Dimarc. Embarrassing Stories-R-Us.

I've had nothing to eat today but yogurt and a cup of tea, because I'm short on cash in a big way and am saving my twenty bucks for dinner with my friend. I didn't get enough temp work this month, and things are pretty scary right now. I bought some CD's a week or so ago - 8 of them for a little under $70 - and have been feeling crappy about it. I don't spend money on luxuries like that anymore, because I just don't have it, but I think I just got sick of the radio. I'm spending inordinate amounts of time in my car these days. So I did that. I might return one of them.

I'm resisting the urge to Christmas-shop for people, partly because Mercury will be in retrograde until December fourth, and partly because I'm fucking broke. This is the hardest part of being poor for me - not being able to buy holiday gifts for people. Thankfully my list is short, and I'm a fantastic shopper, so I might be able to swing one small thing for my Mom, Dad, Boyfriend, and two best girlfriends. I'm working on that.

Today is one of those days when I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel of debt I've been hacking my way through for the last two years. I just have to have faith.

I guess spending some time with an old friend is a good way to get through that.

Have a great Friday night, everyone.


Dr. Zoom said...

"Q. What's the worst excuse? A. I'm paralyzed."

True dat.

Jeff said...

It said I'm HP-UX, whatever that is. At heart, though, I know without any doubt that I'm Mac OS all the way. Because, you know, these surveys are completely 100% accurate.

Dr. Zoom said...

Hugs for you, kiddo.

Tuna Girl said...

I've been telling people that I suspect Mercury is in retrograde and they have been laughing at me.

Now I'll tell them, "Ah ha! Ouiser said so!"

Langsgiving said...

there's also mercury in tuna, which mkaes you crazy, and might make you depressed. do you eat a lot of tuna? you better watch it. i love tuna, even though i'm a homosexual.

feel better. money is bullshit.


Blast said...

what would my day be like without constant internet surfing>> hmmm, maybe I should try it...

Dimarc67 said...

Cheesy is always embarassing--it's just a matter of degrees as to whether the audience or the performer is more embarrased. As time marches on, the scale inevitably tips the other way...
BTW--I'm an MP3 and PalmOS. Who knew?