Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Moving On

Today I have a job interview at noon. I just finished reinforcing the hem of my brown pants, so I'm ready. It's an alternative healthcare clinic. They need an office assistant who knows quickbooks. It's in Rockland county, and perfectly situated to ease my home-to-work-to-school-to-home commute. I imagine they won't pay much, but I don't need much.

I feel positive about it.

Last night, in class, we learned techniques for chair massage. I loved it. Tonight is Anatomy class, hardcore science. My favorite classes are my science classes. I love that after three months I'm still so jazzed about the science.

After class last night, several of my classmates asked when the interview was today, and told me they'd be thinking of me and praying for me. It warmed my heart.

G called me on his lunch break yesterday, and told me that he's already starting to miss me. He started his new job on Monday. He is out of the house by seven, before I wake up. By the time I get home, it's between eleven and twelve at night, and he's sound asleep. This month is going to particularly hard, as I'm working in the Student Clinic every Friday night. We will only see each other Saturdays and Sundays... but I'm ok with it. Things won't always be this way, and really, I'm just so happy with things right now.

After some wonderful talks, G and I are still on the same page, and we still cuddle like kids who've just met. This February will be our third Valentine's Day together, and he's admitted he's planning something special. Every time I think we're drifting off course, we get back on. Every time I'm uncertain about something, he clears it up. The guy has me, as much as I imagine is possible, figured out.

School just rocks. Damn. All I need is an income, and really, it feels like everything is falling into place. The only thing missing that I can think of beyond a job is a place to sing. I'll get to that. Something always pops up for me there sooner or later.

So long, 2005. So long, Glamgirl. So long, everything that weighs me down, that I don't need, that isn't useful to me anymore. Thanks for the good times.


Amanda said...

Good luck! It looks like your starts are aligned for 2006!

Dr. Zoom said...

Good for you.

I have to say, though, if Mrs. Z and I only saw each other Fridays and Saturdays, even it were just for a month, I'm pretty sure one or both of us would go stark raving nanners.

Dr. Z