Sunday, March 26, 2006

In other news:

Two tornadoes tore up my hometown a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty freaky for me, seeing the pictures of places I have been to thousands of times, with roofs off and trees down everywhere. I checked in with all my friends who still live there (except Zoom, because I just knew he was ok), and their families are all fine. My parent's house wasn't damaged. but it was a close call.

This was unusual. My hometown of Springfield, Illinois has a population of over 150,000. There is an established downtown. It's not a rural area, and usually the twisters go around it, or break up as the terrain changes. Granted, I grew up sleeping in basements from time to time, with major tornadoes blowing through every year, but this is the first time I can remember one blowing right through the middle of town, never mind two of them. There is a great deal of property damage, and a number of people were killed. It's still kind of hard to believe.

I won't be able to get home for a long time, and right now, I'm sorry for that.

Somehow, oddly, my bra cup size has increased from a B to a C. Nothing else about me has increased. Either my body thinks I'm pregnant, or I'm still adolescing. I'm sure it's the latter. I discovered this when I was bra-shopping about two weeks ago. For some reason I thought of MAK. I also thought of Mark, and how he'd love to photograph my cleavage and compare it to the photo from GB:NY two years ago. Ah, good times.

BTW, only a true fairy princess would think of her gay friends, rather than her husband, when bra shopping. Never doubt my love for you. Smooches.


Jess said...

I'm glad those breasts... er, I mean tornadoes... didn't hurt anyone you know there! ;)

Dr. Zoom said...

Hooray boobies!