Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Disturbing Realization of the Day

I learned recently that someone I went to high school with - who took one of my best friends at the time to prom - who was someone I always thought highly of - has a blog. So I went and read it.

He's married, has a rugrat, lives in Queens. His posts are all... happy. Disgustingly so. So I'm not going to email him and say hi, because I don't want him to read my blog. Because my blog is too depressing.


Does Ouiser not want to contact this person because:

a) Seeing how happy this person's life is has caused self-loathing and humiliation to envelop her like so many layers of suffocating plastic wrap

b) She's embarrased to let someone whose mother is friendly with her mother read her blog

c) She can't handle going back to high school in even the slightest of contexts

d) She's afraid this person might reveal himself to be as screwed up as everyone else, and his shiny blog persona will be exposed as fraud?

Tuna got this trick question. Answer is E: All of the above. Can you believe we've only shared one cocktail? Must remedy that next time you're in town, girl. Smooches.


Brian said...


Tuna Girl said...

E! E! E! All of the above. I'd feel the same way.