Thursday, March 08, 2007

Job Update:

We're in negotiations. Or rather, my agency and the school are in negotiations.

The week after next, I'm planning to spend three days in Boston nailing down our last few wedding vendors, and I completely forgot about that in all the excitement. G reminded me over dinner, while I was gushing about the interview.

I mentioned it yesterday to Jackie, and the both of us are hoping it's not a deal-breaker. This may sound stupid, but it's happened before. A little over a year ago, a company in Tarrytown was going to temp me until they learned I was planning to be in Illinois for the week between Christmas and New Year's. Companies in general can afford to be as grinchy and picky as they want. They act as though their entire organization is going to collapse if we don't get someone REALLY GOOD in here RIGHT NOW. Then you tell them that in two or three weeks I'm going to need a few days off, and poof, you're out. Now it's true that this particular place refers to themselves as a "non-profit," so we're not looking at a typical corporate culture, but they are still doing the OMIGOD WE NEED SOMEONE RIGHT NOW routine.

Of course, after G got home last night, I told him all this, and he says "If need be, we can always postpone the trip." Thanks honey... Then why did you remind me over dinner? I never would have brought it up and jeopardized my chances in the first place!!!

I took out my frustrations on the elliptical machine last night. Remember, I told myself, You don't NEED this job. It's not the end of the world if you don't get it.

I just want this one.

The school wants to temp me for a few months, until they can "come up with" (read:get approval for) the Agency fee to hire me direct. They would like to hire me direct, but oh, the fee, the fee... Apparently Jackie was on the phone with my prospective new bosses for some time yesterday, standing her ground against their efforts to bring down my rate, my salary, and my agency's fee and percentage. How typical.

This is a blog, and I'm being deliberately vague about this place of business, but I'll just say that most non-profits dream of having half the money this place is rolling in. I've already slashed my salary requirements in order to fit in their offered range (which is a whole two-grand wide). Thank god for the massage work, which allows me to do that. It rankled me to know that this place is hoping I'll make that long-assed drive from Rockland County to Connecticut every morning at seven AM for wages only slightly better than my summer jobs in college.

Of course, this is how it goes. This is par for the course. I was actually able to laugh with my agent over all this. In a way, I found it validating. I'm not alone in this.

So they'll hire me, or they won't. Meanwhile, suspense.

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