Friday, September 21, 2007

Who is my secret admirer?

To whoever sent me the STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS bouquet of Irises from Martha's Flowers, thank you!

Unfortunately, they are still buds right now, and will likely bloom while I am in Wisconsin, where I will be vacationing with Mom and Dad until next Wednesday. I will therefore be sure to have G take a digital photo when they do bloom, and I will post said photo on Flickr and this blog when I get back.

I am a sucker for flowers!

DISCLAIMER: No services or goods shall be exchanged for gifts to MzOuiser. MzOuiser is happily engaged and will not engage in relationships, romantic or otherwise, online, via email, in person, or in any venue with anyone except her fiancee.

UPDATE: It was Kristin! >whew<

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