Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Huge Financial Company,

Your new over-blown security requirements are preventing me from accessing my own account.

I know I attended Laketown Elementary school, but does your system want me to type "Laketown School" or "Laketown Elementary" or some other combination?? Or not capitalize anything?

I know I was born in Manchester, CT, but does your inane system want me to spell out Connecticut? Or not capitalize it? Is the comma acceptable?

And if you keep spitting out three different combinations of questions from the pool of five, how will I know which of the three entries was incorrect?

I have been a customer for over a decade and have NEVER experienced security problems, or ever heard of ANYONE experiencing data theft, identity issues, etc due to YOUR COMPANY's website. It wasn't broke, people, but some team of auditors or lawyers suckered your top brass into setting up this system. And I'll bet you paid a fortune for it.

To top it all off NOTHING CAN BE DONE except to delete my registration information altogether. Now, after TEN YEARS of knowing my login credentials, I have to create a new userID, password, and whole new set of FIVE @#$%! Questions. Because you have no back-up plan. How much DID you pay those programmers for this sloppy, inefficient, half-assed bullshit?

Please add my complaints to the millions of others that are clearly clogging up your suggestion box, as it is currently unable to accept messages.



P.S. Trying to sell me something after a 15-minute long phone call during which you were unable to resolve my problem and during which I made it QUITE CLEAR how disgusted I am with your company is also unfathomably stupid.

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cheapblueguitar said...

Ugh. Aren't those the worst? Every time I try to pay my mobile bill online, I have to reset my password which is a total pain.

It would probably be easier if I just REMEMBER the damn password. ;-)