Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hard to See Me From All the Way Up There

So, I'm on the third floor because I have to deliver something. The only time I've ever on the third floor is to deliver something, and I never stick around long. On my way out, I always make a quick stop in their Bistro because they usually stock these amazing 100-calorie brownies, and if they have them, I grab one before I go.

For the most part, the people on the third floor hardly see the people on the first floor, and vice-versa.

So today, I have to deliver something up there, and I make my usual quick stop into the kitchen. I can tell right away they don't have my brownies, but I decide to grab coffee. I must have looked a bit lost, because a rather portly man of medium height began pointing out where everything was in the kitchen. "Coffee? Right there. And we got snacks, candy, in all these drawers!"

"I know, I've been working here for over two months," I said, with my best "I'm being patient with you" smile.

The man laughed. "Oh, sorry.."

"That's ok," I said, "I work on the first floor - nobody up here knows me."

Later on, I was perusing the company website, and noticed there are photos of all the employees. I was looking up the address of one of our VP's so I could send him a package. I noticed there was a link to his manager's profile. I wonder who the VP's manager is? So I clicked it. Took me to an SVP. There was a link to HIS manager's profile as well - so I clicked it. Took me to the COO of the Company.

There, smiling back at me, was a photo of the man in the Bistro.

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Jess said...

I like him. He sounds like he still has his feet on the ground and is a nice guy. Maybe I'm reading too much into one encounter, but I like that he didn't think himself too big to be helpful to someone he didn't even know.