Monday, August 04, 2008

Long Lunch (for me)

I thought an hour-long lunch break in midtown might be fun, but after wandering around alone for 25 minutes looking for something that was both a) appetizing and b) that could seat me, I wound up getting stir-fry from the deli and bringing it back to my desk, feeling very lonesome.

Hey Dimarc - I stopped into Houstons, craving the crabcakes. I waited over 10 minutes for a "table for one," then left. Maybe next time I'll just play it old school - sit at the bar and have cuba libres for lunch while chatting on my cell phone the whole time.

I wore red today. Eh.

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Dimarc67 said...

Haven't been to Houston's since they nixed their salad entree a few years ago. They really leveled their whole menu to an uninteresting status, so there's no appeal left. At the time, I was working in Gramercy, and quickly traded H's for Blue Smoke Barbecue on 28th near Park Ave S. Can't recommend THAT place enough!