Monday, October 18, 2004

Tut Tut, it Should be Raining Money...

Another interesting fact about MzOuiser: I am really into astrology. Stop laughing. I totally believe in it. I absolutely believe that, as above, so below. It’s like the weather - you can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen, but it helps decide sweater, umbrella or shorts, so to speak.

That said, my favorite weathergirl must not be getting good data from my corner of the universe, or maybe my parents lied to me and I'm not a Virgo after all:

This will be a fabulously rewarding financial month, so when you go out with friends, it looks like you'll be picking up the check! You'll be happy to do so!


With FIVE heavenly bodies stacked up in your earned income sector, news could be so wonderful that you may not believe your ears. To get your due, you will need to ask for your raise-don't waste time hoping someone will think of offering you one. Remember the axiom: we don't necessarily get what we deserve in life, but rather, we get what we negotiate. If your boss says she can't afford to give you more money, check your opportunities elsewhere. Star power this strong won't be back for over a decade, so use this to the fullest before it fades!

Oh I get it - I need to network. GEE, YA THINK? What on earth have I been doing these last 2.5 months!? My network is not returning my phone calls or emails. Don’t ask me for details, I’ll just throw up.

At month's end, when the new moon eclipse arrives on October 28, you may make a final decision about going back to college/grad school, or about a pleasure trip abroad. In either case, you will have made the right choice.

Now this is good. Screw “pleasure trip,” I’ve been wanting to go back to school for a long time, and yes, I’m actually beginning to put together an application packet. Because when you’re unemployed and your severance is running out, nothing makes you feel better about the future than the prospect of incurring another $60,000 worth of debt.

Come on, Susan. What am I missing here!?


Hot Toddy said...

Do you have a favorite Astrology website? I'm always looking for good ones!

Amanda said...

Maybe it's your source... hmm... Have you ever looked at (i know - horrible address, but it's pretty good)

Something will come along - ah, the beauty of constant change! I'm rootin for ya!