Tuesday, February 15, 2005


On my computer at work, I have a customized desktop, and an animated cursor. When the computer is busy, the pointer changes to a very lifelike animation of a running horse. My computer tends to run slowly, and as I watch the horse run, my attention focuses on the rythmic feet, and the office dissolves around me into the thunder of hooves and a sensation of wind on my face. It is meditative. I relax.

The rushing of blood in my ears gives way to the sound of hoofs beating the earth. Maybe the sand on a beach. I haven't been horseback riding in a couple of years, but I know how it would feel to be on the back of that horse, fingers clenched in thick mane, relaxed, closing my eyes, trusting the animal, feeling the powerful muscles working beneath me, wind whipping my hair around me, feeling free. Disappearing into the distance, leaving this job and its troubles far, far behind me.

I am breathing.

Cancun in three weeks.


Jess said...

I think I need a cursor like that at work! Or maybe a real horse to ride down the halls. Yes, that's it! A horse, and a broadsword to deal with those who annoy me! ;)

PatCH said...

Cancun. I am jealous. I could use a tropical trip right about now.

MzOuiser said...

This from the guy who just returned from a ski trip! :)