Monday, February 21, 2005

Saturday, after a long, hard week of working at jobs that lately are really pissing us off, we went to dinner and a movie. (Incredible Film, everybody go and see it NOW.)

We didn't talk too much about the whole moving experience during the week. We're pretty much talked out on that subject. He's glad I've stored as much as I have, and I'm glad I have as much as I do in the apartment. Friday night, we were happy to have a long weekend coming up, and enjoyed each others company the way we always do.

Saturday, we stashed a few last things in my storage cubicle, and spent some time at the post office shipping some things to my parents and friends. We made a long, wayward trip into Bergen County to find a Mailboxes, Etc. that would ship my computer home to my Mom. That cost me over a hundred bucks, but I know it will arrive safe and sound. We lunched at a cute Mexican place, and held hands under the table, grasping the enormity of what we have done, making this committment to each other.

We drove back home together in silence, listening to music.

That night, he had a surprise for me:

He wrote "Welcor home!" himself! Posted by Hello


Jess said...

Very nice. Even a spelling-challenged cake is a wonderful welcome. :)

Aaron said...

Bask baby doll!

That cake is the most romantical thing.

Just looking at it, little floaty hearts appeared and tiny cupids starting playing thier tiny harps, the room suddenly smelled like baby powder and robins flew onto the window sill to look.

Welcome to your new home and I hope it is as warm as my feelings for you.

xo - A