Friday, April 29, 2005

Introducing: Deidre

I believe this is the first time I have used my own name on this blog. I may regret this. But, after he and he did this, I couldn't resist any longer. And I looooooove my results:

Deidre is the type of person we all benefit from having in our lives.
Deidre is an active member of her church
Deidre is more than amazing!
Deidre is an amazing actress with immense talent
Deidre is still alive somewhere but scared to come out of hiding.
Deidre is definitely not black
Programmed for evil, DEIDRE is a super computer housed in a secret location.
Deidre is the founding owner of Sports Massage and Integrated Therapies
Deidre is surprised, but snuggles tight against him.
Deidre is silent.
Deidre is also a volunteer at the Hospital.
Deidre is available for in-person consultations
Deidre is a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda
Deidre is willing to use powerful magic
Deidre is quite proud of her work in “Hidden Obsessions"
Deidre is now working as the media liaison for the Mayor and life is looking good.
Deidre is to be the buffer between the police and the media.
Deidre is now desperate
Deidre is my fav actress of all time.
Deidre is the best!
Deidre is a native of Wisconsin.
Deidre is fully capable of taking outdoor shots of your family and/or pets
Deidre is Placed in the Watchhouse.
Deidre is a minister and one of the "emerging" prophets at Valley Kingdom
Deidre is very excited about her first book
Deidre is a wonderful example of a medieval woman.
Deidre is killed. The Youngs chop her up stuff her in a toy box and bury her under the pool. (That second sentence was too priceless not to include)
Deidre is very suspicious that everything pleasurable is merely a ruse
Deidre is Arrested.
Deidre is one of the songwriters showcased on the SGS's Songwriters Compilation disc, Volume II.
Deidre is completely shut out of the picture
Deidre is pushed a little further
Deidre is at the all-new Tabu Lounge on Rt 1 North in Saugus starting at 11pm!
Deidre is an abandoned child
Deidre is actually a witch in training
Deidre is an ex-cop and wire junkie
Deidre is adept and capable at logical and analytical thinking
Deidre is a respected literary agent with her finger on the publishing industry's pulse and strong ties in Hollywood.

This one is inverted, but, again, too awesome not to include:

I had been told earlier that I wouldn't believe just how BEAUTIFUL Deidre is

All you do is go to Google and type in "yourname is" - the quotes are the important part. See the amazing lives you didn't know you led...


Jess said...

Programmed for evil, DEIDRE is a super computer housed in a secret location.

That would explain a lot! :)

ruggerjohnnyd said...

Never been patient enough to take the time to answer all those questions.

MzOuiser said...

Uh... questions? There weren't any questions...

And yet, life is a question, isn't it?