Monday, April 18, 2005

Overheard Friday Night in Schubert Alley (Updated)

MzOuiser: (Holding out a logoed notepad from the Roger Smith Hotel) I'm sorry, I lost my program!
Hank Azaria: (Signing notepad) that was very naughty of you...
MzOuiser: I know, I should be spanked.

Other delights from my weekend with the Chicago Blondes:

A manicure for less than $10 that lasted for 5 days without chipping

Watching Perfect K try 5 or six dresses from Bebe on her perfect body, that she worked like hell to acheive

Knowing that I will never look that way... and wondering why it didn't bother me more than it did

Hearing L say, when K was in the dressing room, "When can we get outta here? This is depressing."

Dinner at Turkuaz: yummy dessert, yummy wine, and a very yummy waiter, who teased us with photos of his fantastically yummy oceanside home in Turkey

A long talk with K about spirituality and the ways in which the divine speaks to us

A long talk with L about life, and how we flucutate between relaxation and fear, and the demons in our psyches, and the blessings of our friendships

Photos of the three of us in $5 bling sunglasses from Canal street

Soup Dumplings at Shanghai Joe's, and Bubble Tea afterward

Feeling, I think for the first time in my life, that maybe I'm not the Skreech of this group

Watching my boyfriend chat with my oldest friends

Hearing them all gang up on me in the loving way that family does

Flirting with L's husband over the phone (he's irresistable)

L describing dryly that Ron Jeremy is ugly as sin but supposedly has "an enormous penis"

Realizing that the three of us haven't just gotten older, we have deepened in ways I never would have imagined

Watching all the boyz on Saturday night laugh at K's amazing self, and feeling so proud of my association with them

Getting the first faint glimpse of where our life paths will lead us next


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

OH MY GOSH!! Spamalot!! I am all that is Envy. You should be spanked! Actually, I should be spanked for all of these exclamation points.

Oh, and about Ron Jeremy...did L really say "supposedly?" And I wouldn't actually call it "enormous". Just sayin.

MzOuiser said...

I should probably clarify that We didn't actually get so SEE Spamalot - they were sold out. We saw Sweet Charity, which I loved, but we were walking to the train afterward and just happened to stroll by the Spamalot stage door. So I seized the opportunity.

I was lying when I said I lost my program. Naughty, naughty.