Monday, September 19, 2005


You scored as Match.

You are a MATCH.
Some people are afraid of you.
Others are attached to you.
Once you've had one, you want another, but the time can just seem too short...
You can go from happy to sad in .06 seconds, but it works well both ways.

Which Random Object Do You Represent?
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Amanda said...

Uhh oh! I'm a match, too! Does that mean we should get together and start fires?

Hmm...maybe just a glass of wine sometime instead!

Have a good day!

Dimarc67 said...

Match, Matchmaker, Matched. I can see it. :-)

Apparently, I'm a box. I am reading myriad meanings into this, not the least of which is "Does this mean I'm forever thinking within the damned thing??" I think I would've characterized it differently... How's "environment-friendly transportation encompassment" sound?

Julie said...

I'm a match too!

Dantallion said...

Apparently, I'm a match as well. I noticed that one of the random objects is 'Tampon'. I' dlove to know what criteria that classification takes...