Friday, September 23, 2005

The... Other Good Day

Today’s essay was supposed to be “The Bad Day.” However, I had such a lovely time typing “The Good Day” that I didn’t want to short those vibes, so I waited until today to write “The Bad Day.”

Then, at about 11:30 today, right after I’d finished flat-ironing my hair, G came home for lunch and a nooner.

How the hell am I supposed to write about having a bad day when I’m having a great one?

Not that I’m complaining.

Please, by all that’s holy, let’s put off my ability to write “The Bad Day” as long as possible.

Blessed Be.

1 comment:

Dantallion said...

My fondest wish is that you have no desire (or need) to write that essay for a long, long time.

Nooners fix everything! (Well, almost, anyway...)