Thursday, September 01, 2005

Meme Sucker

From this faire blogge

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Finish one of my writing projects
2) Host a New Year's Eve Party with all the trimmings
3) Turn my finances from red to black
4) Give a concert
5) Visit Ireland
6) Try marriage again
7) Have a baby

7 things I can do:
1) Lift heavy things while wearing stilettos.
2) Absorb abuse
3) Look perfect when I feel flawed
5) Sing to make the angels weep
6) Dance to make the devil cum
4) Cook to make my Grandma proud
7) Make people feel better about almost anything, for a little while

7 things I cannot do (Modification: that I used to be great at)
1) Hold my liquor
2) Sleep around
3) Subsist on junk food
4) Operate a gas pump
5) The splits
6) Hold babies without falling in love with them
7) Be a doormat

7 things that attract me (Modification) to the sex of my preference:
1) Good hair
2) Artistic interest
3) An honest face
4) Superior conversational skills
5) Strong sense of family
6) "Can-do" attitude
7) Openness

7 things that I say most often:
1) Groovy!
2) This is Ouiser, can I help you?
3) I'm sorry...
4) Where the fuck did I put (thing)!?
5) Oh shit, I forgot (thing)
6) *squeal*

7 celebrity crushes: (What, just seven?)
1) Aidan Quinn
2) Jack Noseworthy
3) Heath Ledger
4) Hank Azaria
5) Julian McMahon
6) Paul Bettany
7) Robert Sean Leonard

7 people I want to do this (Standard disclaimer that anyone not on the list who'd like to play is invited, and no one I've tagged

should feel obligated. Although I would love to know what these folks want to do before they die.)
1) Dr. Zoom
2) Eric
3) Jase
4) Tuna (Unless someone else tags her first)
5) Jess
6) Rich
7) My Dad (Who keeps threatening to kick the bucket "any time now")


Dr. Zoom said...

Ask, and yes shall receive.

palochi said...

Jack Noseworthy! I'd completely forgotten about him!

I'll actually sit through "The Brady Bunch" movie and "Barb Wire" just to get my Jack fix. What's he been doing these days anyway?

And I am so impressed about the "lifting heavy things while wearing stilettos". Feel free to wear a pair to help me move whenever the heck I relocate to Brooklyn or Queens. :-)