Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Blessings

Reconnecting with my first best gay friend ever, after a long absence. He still has perfect hair. He has no idea how propitious his reappearance in my life is right now, but I'm making damn sure he knows how glad I am of it.

My New Year's Eve dress, the first dress I've bought in two years, because I actually have someplace to wear it, and G deserves to squire me around in something he hasn't seen fifty times.

My Mom. We spent over an hour on the phone planning our Christmas menus, including extra desserts for later in the week that we'll make together.

Dr. Zoom, whose friendship warms my cold cold heart. See you and the missus in a few days!

Kathy, the sweet hometown girl who does my New Year's Eve mani/pedi every year when I'm in Springfield. She's the best ever. My nails don't chip for two weeks. She blocks out two whole hours for me, and we catch up on each other's lives. Then I read her palm. (There is SUCH an essay in this.)

My Temp Agent and her boss, who not only get me the best jobs ever, but call me on their personal time to make sure I'm happy with my last assignment.

My blogger friends, who pull me out of myself more often than they realize. Check the list to the right - they're all there. You people are incredible writers, incredible friends, and incredible people, capable of inspirational love. I'm a better writer because of all of you, and a more honest person. And probably have developed a higher alcohol tolerance.

Penny, Vic, Ally, and Grace, my classmates from Massage School, with whom I'm planning a study group in January for the Licensing Exam. along the same Vein, my shiatsu teachers were a blessing as well. One called me just the other day to say happy holidays, and that we all need to have a reunion drink-up. He's right. We damn well do need that.

Last but not least, G. My knight in button-down armor. I could fill volumes with all he's done for me, but this last thing he did for me today tops everything. I'll write about that seperately. He is the man my parents always hoped I'd meet. He's the man my Grandmothers prayed would come into my life. He's the man I never believed existed, until that day almost three years ago when I looked over at him, driving the car, and realized this was where I belonged - traveling side-by-side with this person, wherever life takes us. This is so much more than love. This is life.


Brian said...

What a beautiful and great post.

Merry Christmas Ouiser.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the festive shoutout and your friendship! Merry Christmas!