Monday, November 24, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Had lunch at Jean-Georges. Spent two hours there. It was like being in a spa. Perfect meal, perfect seating, and the company of an old friend.

Spent the next hour and three-quarters at St. Thomas's church on 5th avenue listening to an organ concert. I'm not into 20th century stuff, but it was beautiful in there.

Spent another hour drinking whisky at The Bar at the Four Seasons, warming up.

Spent the remainder of the evening at City Center, watching the semi-concert performance of On the Town. Absolute bliss. Produced with honor and respect and true love for the original production, the music, and the choreography. As long as Andrea Martin wasn't onstage, I was reminded of everything I used to love about Musical Theatre. Also, with a sweet pain, how much I still love New York, and always will.

Caught the 10:56 train back to Tarrytown, and as I rode over the bridge in my husband's car, I chatted endlessly about the incredible dancing sailors who seemed to fly with the energy of eternal youth, the heavenly butternut squash soup whose bowl I wished I'd never reach the bottom of, the architecture of the Four Seasons that puts you in mind of a cathedral, the beautiful dancing girls with their tasteful, kneelength 40's style dresses and t-stap character shoes, the 95-year old pipe organ in a real cathedral, the carvings and statues over the altar, how incredibly cold it was outside, how strangely healthy it feels when a single malt creeps down through your belly, warming your knees and toes...

Fell asleep at midnight. Didn't wake up until 9. A full night's sleep. Thank you Macallan.

Spent Sunday doing domestic chores, drinking tea and shopping for a new car online.

This morning, Monday, I feel ok. Only three days this week and then I'll be in Boston with the in-laws for a scrumptious Thanksgiving. And of course our Annual movie the day after. We're going to see Quantum of Solace. Wouldn't it be great if there was a new Bond Film every Thanksgiving?

When I get back, I'm having oral surgery December 1. Should be simple. Still scary.

Still playing phone tag with the shrink. Maybe in December I'll get to actually meet him.


Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Sounds like an absolutely blissful weekend! Especially the full night of sleep.

Charlie would have loved the organ concert. That's right up his alley. :o)

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving D.

Much love!

Jess said...

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving!