Tuesday, March 23, 2004


No Deposit, No Return (2000)

This is the one movie I ever made. I did it for free. I had a non-speaking role with some fun comic moments. I filmed for 3 overnights, didn't sleep for 72 hours, and generally had a good time. When it premiered, someone from the production crew called me to say that I had a close-up in the film. My face was about 20 feet tall at the Angelica.

So I heard. I never saw the film. And I never saw anyone that worked on it ever again.

I also heard that it got some recognition at some Film Festivals for the cinematography. I also heard that it was only shown at the Angelica one night, then disappeared.

I have never even bothered trying to find it in video stores. I highly doubt anyone who wasn't involved in the show has ever seen it.

The only reason I even saw it on IMDB is I was reading this chick's bio. Not only did she star in the film, but she lived in my home town for a couple of years, and went to high school with my best friend. They did a community theatre production of West Side Story together. She's a nice gal, so I follow her career. It's been impressive.

But I sure would like to see that film someday.

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