Thursday, May 20, 2004

In other news, I stayed up until 1AM scubbing my bathroom last night in anticipation of her arrival for the Great Blogger Convergance of 2004.

I am so thrilled to finally meet these guys! I could gush on and on about what I know of each of them, but I'll wait until Monday for that. Who knows what disillusionment the weekend has in store. (That was for you....)

The hype on this is amazing. The event has been immortalized graphically, and soon will be even more so once the Camcorder and Digicams do their work. A collection may be taken to get him to exhibit some professional irresponsibility and fly out here at the last minute. Everyone is giving pep talks to their livers. And I hear the streets are being cleaned in the East Village and Chelsea right now. Just for us.

Thank God for the Internet.

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