Friday, May 21, 2004

It never seems like a New Year until Spring. When it starts warming up - THEN I can start thinking about things I'd like to change for the upcoming year. Thankfully, I anticipated this, and have already begun.

I wanted to lose some weight. I started Weight Watchers when I got back from my New Year's vacation. I have been walking about an hour a day, 2-3 days a week, and I bought a workout video which I make an idiot of myself with almost every night before the roomate gets home. It's working. My fat pants are loose. Bitchin.

I wanted to cook more so I could save money. Well, let's face it, with a 4-hour commute, I don't have time to cook... so I compromised by buying frozen dinners and other such no-cook options. Some of that stuff ain't half bad. It's cheaper than restaurants and I'm not going hungry.

I wanted to write more. Ok. In addition to this delightful little creative juicer, a friend asked me to write an essay for her e-newsletter, which I really enjoyed working on. (I'll post a link one of these days.) I've also begun tinkering with some old projects I abandoned years ago, which in some ways is harder than starting something new.

I wanted to not shop. Thankfully the current spring collections are boring, blase, bleeecchhh. Not shopping not a problem. Yet. Give it another month.

I wanted to sing more. So: Zerlina. Yeah, still giddy about that.

I wanted to make my paycheck go farther and refill my savings account. Hm. Working on that. A $1300+ tax debt slammed me back a few months. I know what you're all thinking. Well, it was either eat or have more withheld last year. I chose to eat every day. Now I'm paying for it. Oh, yeah, and there there were hopsital bills and my divorce lawyer to pay. 2003 sucked.

2004 MUST be better.

A new president would help. To that end, I am considering - I am either crazy, desperate, or high on chocolate right now (probably all three) - joining the Elect Kerry efforts going on here in NYC. One of my best gal pals from my church is involved and loves it. Lord know the last thing I need is more time commitments, and I can just HEAR my quasi-republican boyfriend's eyes rolling in his head, but I am really concerned. Every time I think about what this country might be like after 4 more years of freedom revoking, I get upset and depressed, sometimes even scared. For all I know the war on women will get me and my Goddess-loving friends burned at a stake. I swear to God I wouldn't put it past them. Anything that upsets me that much, I feel I should somehow act on.

Other wishes/goals for 2004:
1. Peace among the cats in my apartment.
2. Clarity in the love department (oh come on, I'm wishing here!)
3. Get a musical instrument into this house. If Grandpa's piano is too much effort, buy a cheap guitar. I don't need to be fucking Janis Joplin, I just need to feed my song-writing impulses.
4. Banish the conviction that my job is karmic punishment for past fuck-ups
6. Bake more healthy desserts
7. Fearlessly throw out half my wardrobe. Nobody needs this much shit.
8. Stay monogamous.
9. Write more, even if it’s crap.

I should come up with a 10th, just for the sake of having a nice round number.


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