Tuesday, July 26, 2005

...And the Other Shoe Drops. Hard.

My email to ciciadas.info:

If someone could email me back ASAP... I am terrified of these things.

I have seen two today. I'm in South Nyack, NY. Today is 7/26/05.

Please, let me know what I'm going to be in for. I have lived through a brood hatching before and don't know if there is enough Xanax on the planet for me to survive another one. Please, a quick response would be most appreciated!

Thank you,

One of them is parked on the outer screen of one of my living room windows right now.

Has anyone priced plane fares to Norway recently? How about Iceland? Reykjavik sounds good right now. Even if I can't spell it. This could be a crisis here.

This chick
has fantastic-but-true stories about my horrific phobia of bugs, and my encounter with a cicada last year. This is not a joke. Suddenly, I am seriously thinking about not leaving the house.

But I just got a temp assignment today. And I have to go to class.

Goddess. Protect me. I can hear something scrabbling around inside my air-conditioning unit.

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Brian said...

Oh dear gawd...The Return of the Ciciadas®!!

I feel for you.