Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I am SUCH the drama queen. And I really need to get a grip on this bug business.

I received this email from John at


You have seen two annual cicadas that emerge every summer. They have been out for about three weeks now. They don't come out in the billions like the 17 year cicadas do. Just sit back and enjoy the sounds of


Thank you, John, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I never knew these things came in run-of-the-mill, live every summer and die like normal bug varieties.


And some good news, to boot: I got a part-time temp job! It doesn't pay much, but, as G says, it's enough to keep me out of trouble.

Not only that, it's at a very small hospital in a very upscale area of Westchester county. The drive is lovely, the people are lovely, the work is stress-free and very easy for me. I'm scheduling people for classes in CPR, Lamaze, and other health-related stuff. I'm working with people all day, answering a phone, making sure everybody gets into the classes they want, and typing up documents and calendars. I feel completely at home there.

Bring on August. I'm ready.



Jess said...

Working in a hospital? Interesting. We should talk. :)

Knottyboy said...

Would you be a stress free if you worked at a cicada hospital? I think not. You'd be pouring hot java on your co-workers to kill them.
You might want to cross off insect businesses off your temping list to keep from going on a killing spree.

mark said...

What? You don't like BUGS? kidding.

Congrats on the temp job. Maybe it could lead to something perm. :)

riye said...

i'm still waiting... to exhale that is.

Dantallion said...

Ummm...sorry but what exactly is a Ciciada??

MzOuiser said...

It's a really big, nasty, flying bug. That makes INCREDIBLY LOUD SOUNDS.=20
Check out the picture here: