Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today, instead of coffee, I'm drinking crystal light with caffeine! ZING!! WOWEEE!!

Plan for today: Hot cereal and fruit for breakfast. Shower. GYM BABY!

Then grocery shopping. Dinner tonight, scallops with citrus sauce over mixed veggies. Another new recipe. If I can't find fresh sea scallops, I'll try it with jumbo shrimp, or a nice thick fish.

After dinner... I've actually been invited to sing along with a local musician. Last Friday, when Dave was here, we went to our favorite local diner, and Dave was talking me up to the waitress. "She's a GREAT singer, if you ever need entertainment here, you should hire her!"

So, the waitress told me to come in on Thursday night. They have a guy with a guitar who likes people to get up and sing with him. So...

Please. I did this for ten years in Manhattan. I was up singing with the house band at pretty much every bar I ever went to. It never amounted to anything, but it was fun.

and you know? I really miss having fun.

So tonight I'm going to try and have a little fun.

And try not to get carried away.

I feel like I'm going on a date with an ex-boyfriend. I don't want to get back together. I'm a family man now. I just want to be friends. Is that so wrong?

Why can't I just have fun singing from time to time? What would be so awful about getting a little weekend gig? It's not like I'm learning operas anymore, or investing in recital gowns, thick scores of classical music and $50 CD's. Instead of an obsessive full-time hobby, I want a sensible part-time gig. That's safe, right?

Besides... I'm unemployed. Not like I'm cheating or anything.

So hopefully, if I don't chicken out, at 10pm I'll be singing.

I'll wear jeans.

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