Saturday, January 22, 2005

Better Now?

THANKS BRIAN!! He showed me how to make my blog stop playing now-you-see-it-now-you-don't. Hopefully now you won't have to pull geek tricks to read me. But snaps to Zoom and Sherry for trying so hard!

I feel I got some 'splaining to do:

1) The reason I did not show at Therapy the other night (and God knows I can use all the Therapy I can get) is that at about 6pm, as I was leaving the office, I got a voicemail from my best friend Glamgirl, who is visiting from Korea. I knew she was coming, but I wasn't sure exactly when. I see her about once a year, so you can imagine my glee. And, given the nightmarish week I had just had, and particularly the exquisitely nightmarish Thursday (details to follow), I really just sort of ran to where she was. After three Lychee martinis and hugs from her hottie boyfriend, and lots of affirmations of our sisterly love, I did feel better. And I did tell her all about my Beautiful Band of Blogger Boyz and Hipster Hags who have made not only my Friday to Sunday Life but also my Monday to Thursday life so much brighter and more fun.

I hope there's another drink-up very soon. Very soon. (Details to follow.)

2) The new roommate backed out. That adorable, lovely, smart, funny latina just backed out. She had the rental agreement all filled out, and was gathering her finances. I was starting to think I was safe. Then, Thursday morning, came the phone call:

New Roomie: Um, leesten, I have to tell you something...
Ouiser: Is everything ok?
NR: No.. actually is not... (pause. Stomach roiling.)

NR: My cousin called me jesterday from Venezuela, and she has to come to America right away. Eets a safety issue. (pause) So... she has to come here right away, she will be here even this weekend, and so I'm gonna live with her..
Ouiser: Oh...
NR: I am so sorry! Really, I hate to make thees call..
Ouiser: Is she in any trouble?
NR: Well, actually, she has some trouble with this guy, actually we both had some trouble with this guy... and he's... involved... in something...
Ouiser: Oh man.
NR: Yah, so I know I have to live with her, and even this week my sublet is already up, so really don't even know where we going to live right now...
Ouiser: Well, I'm really sorry to hear this... I was really happy to have met you.
NR: Oh, me too, me too! I was so looking forward to living with you! But I have to do this right now... even I didn't sleep at all last night thinking about this, I was so scare to call you, I'm really so sorry about thees...

(Pause. Choking. Thinking about freezing cold New York Streets. Seeing a large door in my mind... swinging closed.)

Ouiser: It's ok. Please take good care of yourself and your cousin. Be careful out there.
NR: Thank you, you too!
Ouiser: Bye.

I let myself sit with this for a few minutes. It was the 20th of January.

I called my landlord Mike, and his lovely secretary answered the phone.

"Please tell Mike," I sobbed "that he can show my apartment."
"What?" the secretary said, sounding confused.
"New Roomie just backed out."
"Oh no..." she said
"Yeah. Just now.
"Tell Mike that he can show my place. We had a deal."
"ok, I will. I'm sorry, Ouiser."

Somehow I made it through the day, but everyone noticed how quiet I was. finally someone asked, and I told them. "I just lost my apartment."

I have since then emailed two people on Craig's List, with the same "Hey, I've got a room available in this gorgeous blah blah blah..." It feels quite futile. I have pretty much given up. And I'm really, believe it or not, ok with it.

The rest of this post has been deleted, due to last-minute developments. Mere hours after I posted this, I received a phone call.

The drama of all this is exhausting me. I will not blog again about this subject until the case is closed. I'll let you know how it ends.


riye said...

awwww... *hugs*
wanna drown in some drinks with me? my treat! ;-)

Jennirhiow said...

i'm so sorry to hear abt that dear.... can't drink with u... but i would love to. let riye take u out...

portuguesa nova said...

Good luck to you with the apartment.