Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Uh... Oops...

Sorry about the pages that refuse to load. I'm having the same problem. I may have to change my template to fix it. (but I like this one...) Ah, heck, it's a season of change.

Although, I may not get to actually do that until the weekend.

Update on the roommate situation: This last gal is a keeper, and she wants to move in! So now she's amassing all the required paperwork (and money) for the landlord - apparently by 12:30 tomorrow, unless something goes awry, she will be my new roommate and all this will end.

And, better still, my current roomie is hip to the buy-out, and might be able to leave by Feb 1. BONUS!

There is hope that, maybe, I might be able to take the path of least resistance. Ahhh. That sounds SO nice right now.


Jennirhiow said...
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Sherry said...

I figured out a way to finish reading the post(s), but it doesn't let you comment. While you're loading the page, the whole page appears momentarily before it shortens itself. The key is to do a right click and select all while the whole page is showing (maybe a second or two?) and then paste it into a word document so you can read it.

Rather contrived, but I got to finish the story!

Dr. Zoom said...

First of all ... congrats on the roomie resolution. Good for you. Every now and then, things can come easy.

I, too, had used Sherry's trick to read past posts. It made me feel all cool and geeky. Now I just need to figure out how to get a Links column on my page.