Friday, January 07, 2005

It Could've Been So Beautiful...

Tomorrow at 11AM, the parade of potential New Roommates begins trudging through my apartment, fingering my drapes and ogling my liquor cabinet. If all goes as planned, they will arrive once on the hour for 5 hours. This should give everybody enough time to ask all the questions we need, look around, and get the hell out before the next contestant arrives, therefore avoiding any hair-pulling.

Sadly - and I say that sincerely - the gentleman below will not be among the finalists:

I just saw your listing, and thought I'd write and introduce myself. I have just come back to the States from living in London, and am looking for a place in New York for when I start my new jobs in the new year.
I'm a 25 year old single gay male. I have just finished my MA in Art History in London. I went to The University of Chicago for my BA - Art History as well. This year I will be working as a museum educator, and also for a real estate developer who develops high end buildings all over the city.
I do like to chat and be sociable. I don't smoke or do any drugs, and I am very tidy. My interests....I love art and going to museums, gallery talks and openings. I love concerts and music - currently I'm listening to Scissor Sisters. I love to cook and am happy to share my food with my roommate. I go out dancing a lot on the weekends, but also enjoy staying in, watching movies and just chilling out.
I tend to go to bed a bit on the early side (around 11) so please, not too late. Or just e-mail me to set up a good time to come see the place.

Alas, over the course of our brief correspondence, this lovely-sounding young man revealed that he is allergic to cats.

Sorry, boys.


Jess said...

Hopefully, one of the five finalists will be semi-sane. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Too bad on the Brit - 2 hours with me and I'd have him doing shots out of my jock strap, addicted to some substance (Lady Clairol for example), going to bed at 6am and switching from real estate development to historical preservation of the little known drag queens apartments of the LES.

Did he send any pics?

I feel you sweetie - good luck.

No SWF situations please.

xo - Aaron

Anonymous said...

He also didn't mention anything about getting wildly drunk and giving people hickies on Thursday nights.

Have you warned any of these people about drunk dialing nights?


Amanda said...

Why is it always that way - darn!

I hope you find a very compatible person to share your space with. You one that smells nice..

Good luck!

Lunatic said...

Get the dude some Benadryl.

riye said...

awww shucks. i was hopin' you can hook me up!

Anonymous said...

well? I'm dyin' here. What happened?

Jennirhiow said...

that is a sad shame! being allergic to cats! sigh... i feel for you, dear.