Monday, May 01, 2006

Busy Women...

To the tune of "Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd:

Busy Women
Overdo it
think we're super-human
Busy women
never sleeping
never eating
Busy women
sprinting between meetings
They're always on the phone
shouting in their headsets
They're never alone
Busy women
inhale breakfast
Advil with their coffee
No vacations
without laptops
busy women
busy women!
Scheduling appointments to
do their nails and hair
texting freinds and family
hoping they still care
oh busy women
it gets lonely
lunching on elevators
Gym on Sunday
Sex on... someday
Before you know it
Her face will show it
eyes are red and purple
caffeine twitches too
How did my niece get so big?
six years have felt like two
Busy women
dream of beaches
dream of marriage
Busy women... frightened women
stubborn women... Brilliant women...
Watch our friends get married while
our gay friends dye our hair
All those men our friends want us to meet
...are they still there?
Busy women
Take it easy
Life's shorter than you think
Cut your hours
take vacations
Call your parents
hire assistants
You can do it
Busy women
Take your life back,
busy women!
While you're still young,
busy women
This is what you
worked for, women!
Happy women, friends and lovers,
Moms and Grandmas,
aunts and teachers,
Busy women, all...

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