Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So that Trip to Chicago I mentioned?

It was last weekend.

Saturday morning, I caught the most hellish case of stomach flu mankind has yet experienced. It took three days for me to be able to tolerate food normally.

However, prior to the illness, I bought a leather grommeted handbag for over $100, far and away the most I have ever spent on such an accessory.

The flu was my penance.

Still loving massage... but sick and tired of my classes. SERIOUSLY fed-up with this 18-hour-day BS.

4 weeks until Bermuda.

I have officially begun wedding planning.

It's all good. But my boss is calling, gotta -


Jess said...

Sorry you were ill!

Also sorry about the long days. Those suck, too!

Yay for Bermuda and wedding plans! :)

Judy said...

Feel better! :)

I agree with Jess, yay for wedding planning. When's the big day?

MzOuiser said...

Hi you two!

We're shooting to get married in mid-February, around Valentine's Day. In the middle of the mountains. A very small, private affair. Maybe a blizzard.