Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chores - Updated

So, How'd I do?

Clean house, so G doesn't see what a schlub I am when left to my own devices, which includes:

--- laundry *G and I did it together*
--- Swiffering *DONE*
--- dusting *DONE*
--- de-cluttering *DONE*

- Study for Shiatsu test tomorrow *DONE but need more*

- Eat some sort of vegetable or fruit *DONE*

- shower *DONE*

- put on something presentable *Nope...*

- Perform a Shiatsu massage on G, my little guinea pig for my case study. *DONE*

- Have sex *DONE*

- Type up Case Study notes *DOIN' IT TOMORROW*

- Make G quiz me on test material for tomorrow *DONE*

- Watch the History channel on the couch until 1AM *DOIN' IT NEXT*

Not bad!

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