Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm in class on Halloween this year. After class, we're all going out. On Halloween.

I pulled out the costume I wore about six or seven years ago, a rather unimaginative black cat costume. It's so ghetto and homemade it's ridiculous. I also have this stupied grecian goddess thing in the closet that someone gave me to wear but of course I never did. I'm sure it'll be too cold for either option.

I'm dying to dress as my school administrator - Evil Hair and all - but hey, I haven't graduated yet.

Any suggestions?


Dr. Zoom said...

Did you happen to catch the piece in the Times about a week ago concerning the ubiquity of sexy costumes for women (especially when compared to men)? Great read.

Of course, that said, I don't know that I can give you an objective suggestion, since I'm one of those horndogs that is always eagerly anticipating said sexy costumes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's twister. I'm finally catching up reading bits of your blog now that I'm done with my deadline. Good luck with school. I would say how about St. Bridget Green? I remember you in a stunning green velvet dress on Imbolc. Would be nice if it's cold.

And hey - Evil Hair? Need I make reference to Samson and his "Devil's Cowlick"? Would you believe I spent time in therapy (and talking to a minister) about whether or not he's really Mephistopheles? The orange suit helps of course. When I pass through those doors I always sing "C'est une croix qui de l"enfer nous garde" (chorus from Faust, learned it when I played Siebel) to be on the safe side. LOL