Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pins and Needles

My staffing agent called me at around 4pm yesterday to let me know that The Company has STILL not decided who to hire. We are now hoping to get an answer today.

Other than that, the study session went very, very well. I now am unsure as to whether I would have passed this test without these study sessions. I had forgotten far more than I realized.

Little reminders of my fallability such as this cause me to examine other areas of my life. I keep thinking about what I wrote after my interview:

Have I become so spoiled and soft that I won't be the office whirlwind I once was? For that matter, I've been loving the freedom of temping with my fabulous agency for two years. Will a permanent job, in one place every day, for who knows how long, bore me to tears? Can I be a one-company woman? I've been a committment-phobe for a long, long time. I got burned so badly by my job that ended in 2004... Do I really have it in me to do this?
I'm sure I'm just jittery. I do feel more confident than I did when I wrote the above passage. I am ready to start work. I am even more ready to start collecting paychecks.

I've never been good at waiting though, and I think I'm pretty calm today, all things considered. Maybe I have new things to "bring to the table" this time around.

Take some Advil, have some coffee, wait. I have "Antonia's Line" on TiVo.

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