Friday, June 17, 2005

Disturbing Site of the Day... and Off to the Weekend

I saw this on a message board for IT techs:

(Don't ask me what I was doing on a message board for IT techs. It's a quiet day. I'm bored.)

IT techs tend to talk about all sorts of things besides IT. This particular message board is based in a pretty conservative area and they all hate PETA to begin with. I have never been a PETA person, but I have donated to the North Shore Animal League, and am in general a person who loves animals and supports Animal Rights. I've always thought of PETA as the lunatic fringe. Everyone I've ever met who was really into PETA has been unpleasant - usually very pushy and judgmental, using their activism as a way to grind some personal axe. LAWD I hate that crap.

Anyway, I have yet to see anything about this in the "legitimate" news media i.e., a regular newspaper or other such regularly-perceived-as-objective news source, so I have no idea how true this all is. Just the idea of it sickens me. I hope that some "legitimate" news source picks up this story, if for no other reason than to confirm whether or not it is a brilliant smear campaign.

I will look around for news on this on Monday. Until then, I'm putting the upsetting issue out of my mind.

Today at 3pm, I will hop into the convertible and ride up to Boston, to spend Father's day with G's parents. I won't say what the surprise is, because I once gave his Dad my URL. I'm sure he's never read my site... but just in case. ;)

Please, please, please, can we have this nice weather for just 48 more hours?

As for my Daddy, I'll be calling him on the phone from Boston. I wanted to fly to Illinois but we couldn't find a ticket for less than six hundred dollars. *Gasp*

I'll be seeing him the following Saturday anyway. Mom and Dad are driving out for another family party. Oh. Boy.

Other previews of the upcoming week: a visit from Glamgirl, an actual writing class that I paid money for, a party with my Goddess-Girlfriends, and - if I can get the appointment - a visit with Peter.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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