Monday, June 27, 2005

It's All About the Pants

You know how sometimes
When you're walking through the office
Or down the street
You can feel people looking at your ass?

It's like two holes burned into your cheeks
like lasers

Well today,
I wore red pants.
Flaming Lipstick Red Silk Shantung Cigarette pants
With a black oxford shirt
and black pumps

I don't feel a thing.

Just now,
Coming around a cubicle,
The fat sack of shit in the office two doors down
Who has lasers for eyes
Started to make eye contact.
His eyes drifted down...
and then darted away.
He scuttled out of sight.

I guess it takes guts to stare at a bad girl's ass
But it's no sweat to stare down good girls.

If you can't beat 'em,
take the fun out of it.

The writing style of today's entry was inspired by Nicky of the vibrating pants, who I'm positive looked far hotter than all those other boys in muscle shirts and beads.

1 comment:

Dr. Zoom said...

Sounds like a great outfit for our proposed sample of Midwestern nightlife.