Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cold, Cold Heart

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I had such grand plans for this day. I was going to the grocery store, get some fresh fish, make a nice dinner, I was even going to try my hand at baking a red velvet cake. I have a little extra cash from that job I worked last week, and was going to spend it at Victoria's Secret. But no, this sleet has rendered our roads so unsafe that G called me from work to tell me it's not worth risking life and limb to make dinner.

And it's not like the preciptiation has stopped. I considered bundling up in my down coat and timberlands and trudging down the street to the market, but it's doing that half rain/half snow thing, and the wind is blowing real hard. I'd be a fool to walk anywhere, and a bigger fool to try and do it with packages.

I know everybody hates this holiday and it's politically incorrect for me to enjoy it, but un-PC is me, I suppose. G gave me my valentine card last night - he was thinking ahead!

The least I can do is set up my massage table and give G a good 90 minute swedish. I actually think he prefers massages to sex. Normally the very idea of mixing massage with anything romantic would be repellent to me, but it's Valentine's Day, and I got a good man, and I might as well break the rules just this once, for my husband to be.

Maybe the Italian bistro down the street is delivering?

Stay warm, people.


drc said...

I see how you can't go out in that yuk, but you can make the delivery guy go out in it? LOL! I do it, too. All the time.

Ingrid said...

Red Velvet Cake is my FAVORITE cake in the world!